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Saturday, September 27, 2003

To Everything there is a Season

I just posted an introduction online. Over the years, I must have written a hundred or so of them. This one, however, was the first in which I didn't add that I was an attachment parent or somewhere on the "natural parenting" scale. No initials after my name: Joanne, CDing, S/D vax, HBing, ENing, NSing mom of 3. Nope - I didn't include any of that.

It's a function, I suppose, of several things. The ages of my kids being one. Although I know people feel differently, I think AP is largely a set of tools for babies and toddlers. While I think positive discipline flows naturally out of AP; it's not an inherent part.

I'm less defined by the AP-ness of my life. Although I that has been replaced largely by homeschooling. :)

I'm past the diapering, vaxing, birthing years. I'm nearly past the nursing and co-sleeping years. But, more importantly, I'm past the need to assert those choices aggressively or even proactively. I'm absolutely comfortable with those choices. Thrilled to have had the information to make them.

But, it's strange to be past the intensity of them.


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